The only way to end poverty is to build community.


Too often people become reliant on social services and government aid. Instead, if these same people could be partnered with volunteers in the community and taught some basic skills they could become our leaders of tomorrow. Building Bridges provides them this opportunity and 360° FOR GOOD can fund it.

360° FOR GOOD funds Building Bridges in bite size pieces that  anyone can afford. We are looking for 360 donors who will support one network (Participant and their Allies) over the course of one year ($30/month). If we had 360 people giving a network ($360), it would fully fund Building Bridges. 

By signing up for 360° FOR GOOD and donating just $30/month, you can help fund Building Bridges for an entire year. With your continued support of Building Bridges through 360° FOR GOOD, you’ll be taking an active part in helping people come full circle to escape poverty for good. And escaping poverty will have a lasting impact on our community.



*OR text building bridges to 41444