BRIDGE ALLIES are community members who form a supportive relationship with our particIpants.

One of the basic roles of our volunteers is to serve as a Bridge Ally. A Bridge Ally works with a Building Bridges Participant to figure out how to accomplish his or her plan, offering help in areas in which they have knowledge. These areas could include basic finance, education, or building social/community connections. Bridge Allies can be anyone with stable resources who genuinely want to help and learn.

Building Bridges Participants and Bridge Allies are matched by their talents and interests and are each asked to make an 18 month commitment. Everyone is expected to meet with his or her network at least once a month. It is the relationship formed during these meetings with Bridge Allies and other participants that builds respect and understanding, linking people together to end poverty one family at a time. 

Through outreach events, Building Bridges provides the community with a framework for understanding poverty. It is our goal to raise awareness of issues of poverty so that everyone can come together to work on removing the barriers that make it difficult for people to get out of poverty. 

We need your help to continue our efforts to end poverty and help people and communities thrive. If you are interested in empowering people and rebuilding your community, fill out the application below.