Building Bridges Participants are individuals or families who are motivated to get out of poverty. Think of "Participants" as members of the Building Bridges program. The participant creates his or her own plan to increase their financial, professional, and social resources to move out of poverty. Participants will participate in groups and be willing to accept support from others, especially Building Bridges Allies

Building Bridges provides support by making personal and community connections that are important for a successful life change. 

Building Bridges Participants are matched with Building Bridges Allies by their talents and interests and are each asked to make an 18 month commitment. Everyone is expected to meet with his or her network at least once a month. In addition, Participants are asked to attend the weekly Community meeting. Children's programming and dinner are provided during this time. The relationships formed during these meetings with Allies and other Participants builds respect and understanding, linking people together to end poverty one family at a time.