2018 Making A Difference

Why is it difficult to accurately describe what we do at Circles? I always tell people the best way to explain it is to come to any one of our Thursday evening classes. It’s there that you’ll experience the magic of Circles.

Having said that, Circles itself really doesn’t do anything other than provide the tools, it’s all the Leaders that do all the work. It’s also important to understand that we focus on far more that financial poverty. We dive into poverty as it relates to relationships/social capital, spirituality, health and wellness, self-esteem, etc.

I thought one way of sharing what it looks like to work your way out of poverty, whatever kind of poverty you may struggle with, would be to share a few photos of what our Circle Leaders accomplished throughout 2018 while they worked through our comprehensive programming and social capital model.

Our Leaders applied the tools they were given by creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals and placing their goals into action. They were surrounded with Allies, also known as social capital, to walk along side them and cheer them on in their journeys. Some of our leaders bought their first home, some dramatically increased their income, others dramatically decreased their debt, a few earned their college degrees, but most importantly, all of them improved the relationships in their lives. And isn’t that’s precisely what we’re all about, healthy relationships!

End of Year 2018.jpg